Latest Trending designs

Recently the most trending design is the classic marble look bench tops and floor tiles. Think about the last hotel you went to and that amazing feeling you felt when you were surrounded by luxury marble from every where from the floor to the wall.  Even the construction and housing industry is jumping on this wagon with every new luxury apartment coming up in New York to Australia having splashes of marble.

You can get this look as well with out the pain of maintenance and high costs. We have engineered stone for your kitchen that looks like marble and much harder to stain. In addition we have Porcelain tiles that look like marble and are more resistant to dirt and scratches. So come and enquire about our amazing range of marble looking products for your next project without the luxury price.


Come have a look at our New Products:

1.) Stone Benchtops: Here you will find stone benchtops that look like marble but made actually from the finest quality engineered quartz stone.


2.) Porcelain Tiles: Here you will find a selection of Tiles looking like marble but they actually are Porcelain Tiles.




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