Engineered Stone

The main component in engineered stone is quartz which is one of nature’s strongest minerals.

Quartz is one of the strongest materials produced by nature. MOHS is the scale of mineral hardness to determine how hard a mineral substance is. Starting at the bottom of the scale chalk is rated with a score of 1 and diamond on the extreme other end of the scale has a rating of 10. Quartz is situated on the higher end of the scale with a rating of 7 for mineral hardness and hence is used as the major material for all our engineered stone products.


Our engineered stone benches are made from top quality quartz

We don't compromise on quality and will give you a warranty on all our products. We provide the following engineered stone products:

1.)Kitchen bench tops

2.)Kitchen splash backs

3.)Bathroom bench tops

4.)Office/home furniture with engineered tops

5.)Customs designs

Have a look at our range in the products sections and please don't hesitate to contact us for any querries. Please call us for a free measure and quote.

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